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What are keloid scars?

A keloid scar is an irregular overgrowth of scar tissue that covers normal skin. These scars are raised and often pink or purple in color.

How is a hypertrophic scar different from a keloid scar?

A hypertrophic scar is also raised. However these types of scars remain within the area of the original wound. Keloid scars tend to expand past these boundaries.

What causes keloid scars to develop?

Keloid scars are associated with a genetic predisposition. They often result from skin wounds. However they can also develop  spontaneously.

What are keloid scars made of?

Keloid scars are made of collagen fibers. Initially, collagen 3 granulation fibers are produced after a wound is inflicted. Then collagen 1 (late phase) fibers proliferate.

What treatments are available for getting rid of keloid scars?

Keloid scars can be treated through: steroid injections, pulse dye laser procedures, surgical removal and cryotherapy

Who is at risk for developing keloid scars?

Keloid scars most often occur in individuals of African descent. They can also develop in Chinese and Indian populations. It is also possible for Caucasians to develop them. However, this is very rare.

What can be done to prevent the development of keloid scars?

Cuts or abrasions must receive proper care when they occur. Deep wounds need to be sutured right away to prevent keloids from developing.

How do steroids work in the treatment of keloid scars?

Steroid injections have a thinning effect on the keloid scar tissue.

How do lasers work to treat keloids?

Pulsed dye lasers can be used to suppress  or even destroy specialized cells called fibroblasts. They are responsible for producing collagen fibers that form the keloid scars.

Are keloid scars dangerous or indicative of a larger health threat?

Keloid scars only elicit cosmetic concerns. They are not dangerous. Nor do they lead to larger health problems.

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