What is Juvederm?

Juvederm is a dermal filler that is made of cross linked hyaluronic acid molecules which is a natural component found in many parts of the body. It makes up about 40% of the skin. The filler itself uses hyaluronic acid from bacteria.  Prior to being packaged, the molecules are sterilized and cross linked.

What is Juvederm used for?

Juvederm can be used to replenish lost volume for minor depressions in the nasolabial area (i.e. laugh lines around the nose and mouth) and other regions of the face.  It is also a very popular choice for lip augmentation procedures

Can Juvederm be used under the eyes?

Juvederm is a clear colloid. The hyaluronic acid molecules are suspended in a gel medium. When light passes through, it will scatter. The end result is a bluish discoloration that can look like a bruise. Therefore, we do not recommend it for use under the eyes.

What are the different types of Juvederm?

Juvederm is available in different concentrations.  This includes:
(1) Juvederm Ultra
(2) Juvederm Ultra Plus
Juvederm Ultra can be considered to be regular Juvederm. Juvederm Ultra Plus has a higher concentration of cross linked molecules. Therefore, it is thicker and can be used for deeper folds.
There is also:
(1) Juvederm Ultra XC
(2) Juvederm Ultra Plus XC
The XC means that lidocaine has been added to the formulation to minimize pain from the injections

How long does Juvederm last?

Juvederm injections last around 6-9 months. However, some patients may metabolize the filler quicker than others

How long does it take to see results from Juvederm?

Swelling is very common for two to three days after your procedure. But the final results are usually evident right away within a week’s time.

Does Juvederm promote collagen growth?

Many patients will notice that they need less Juvederm to achieve the same effect over time. The development of new collagen seems to be supported by research studies. However there are still questions that remain unclear. The collagen production may result from the swelling after the procedure. The skin usually creates new collagen fibers in response to a wound. So it may be the case that the collagen which results is actually a form of scar tissue. Others speculate that the effect of needing less Juvederm may be due to a spreading of the original collagen fibers in the lips.

Juvederm FAQ| Patient Education on Juvederm

Juvederm results tend to look very natural since the filler is made of hyaluronic acid, a sugar that is already found in the body.*