What are some common types of birthmarks?

Birthmarks can be pigmented. In other words, they develop from pigment that is produced by the skin. Examples include:
(1) moles
(2) Mongolian spots
(3) Cafe au lait spots
Moles can also be vascular. This means that they develop from tiny blood vessels under the skin.  Examples include:
(1) Port Wine Stains
(2) Strawberry Marks
(3) Stork Bites

How do birthmarks generally develop?

Birthmarks generally develop when certain types of tissues proliferate. Some examples include:
(1) blood vessels
(2) muscle tissue
(3) fibroblasts which produce collagen
(4) Fat

How do vascular birthmarks form?

Vascular birthmarks result from an overgrowth of blood vessels in a particular area.

How do pigmented birthmarks form?

Pigmented birthmarks form when melanocytes aggregate together. These are cells which produce melanin.

Why are lasers a good choice for getting rid of birthmarks?

Many birthmarks are flat against the skin’s surface. Lasers are an excellent choice for birthmark removal because they will precisely address the cells or blood vessels responsible for the birthmark without disrupting the skin’s surface. ¬†This allows for scar less results.

What is the best way to get rid of Port Wine Stain birthmarks?

The best way to get rid of a Port Wine Stain is through the use of a pulse dye laser. This is an effective way to remove very specific blood vessels without affecting surrounding areas of tissue.

What are some common types of lasers used to get rid of birthmarks?

Birthmark removal can be accomplished with lasers such as:
(1) Q-Switch. With this laser system , the beam is switched on and off. This can be helpful for delivering energy through a maximum impact to get rid of unwanted pigmentation
(2) Pulse Dye lasers will specifically target unwanted blood vessels. This is helpful for many forms of vascular birthmarks

Can Fraxel be used for birthmark removal?

Fraxel laser energy will damage and destroy the cells that synthesize the melanin of pigmented birthmarks. These are called melanocytes. Natural systems in your body will carry away the remaining fragments, resulting in clearance of the birthmark.

Are lasers safe to use on children?

Yes. Lasers are quite safe. However, children may require milder laser parameters for their procedures.

How many sessions will I need before I see the complete removal of my birthmark?

Pigmented birthmarks will usually go away between 3-6 treatments. Vascular birthmarks will often disappear around 8-12 treatment sessions

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The removal of birthmarks can be achieved with laser for both pigmented and vascular types*