Los Angeles’ Best FUE Hair Transplant

Los-Angeles-Best-FUE-Hair-Transplant-100With the high caliber of surgeons located in Los Angeles, the best FUE hair transplant should be easy to attain. But with follicular unit extraction, or FUE, being the most advanced hair transplant technique available today, this is not always the case. The list of advantages to FUE over any other method seems infinite, and includes:

best fue hair transplant

Powered, handheld FUE hair transplant excision tool

While Los Angeles’ best FUE hair transplant surgeons are able to execute all of the above, the novice and inexperienced practitioners will fall short. Attaining the best outcome involves meticulous research and planning, and takes several factors into account in addition to choice of surgeon. Consider it an investment in a better you.


This Los Angeles patient invested in FUE hair transplant to correct a botched prior surgery.


During the hair restoration voyage, there are numerous considerations that will influence the results of your surgery. They are:

Being out of shape or at a severe stage of hair loss does not mean your best outcome is out of reach. The only factors that would definitively restrict you are age (being younger than 24 years old), a medical history of blood clotting abnormalities, a tendency to scar or keloid, and allergies to anesthesia.

The financial cost of getting the best FUE hair transplant can seem burdensome; but when well planned, the finances of hair restoration surgery are tolerable. You will need to save up, just as you would save for a house or a car. Again, this is an investment. Since clinics charge per graft, you will want to be able to afford the number of grafts you want or need.


By choosing moderate density, this patient was able to get his best, most affordable FUE hair transplant in Los Angeles.









Especially since the number of grafts has a great impact on the results. For someone who is severely bald or wants a high amount of density added, more grafts will be necessary. The number of grafts and where they come from (mid-rear scalp, nape, legs?) will decide the hairline design and global coverage achieved.


This severely bald Los Angeles patient required a high number of grafts.


The largest factor to affect your best hair restoration results is the surgeon you choose. The right practitioner can restore an NW 7, but the wrong practitioner can damage the outcome of even the most ideal candidate. Your doctor must be medically knowledgeable, surgically adept, have expansive experience, and possess great artistic skill. In addition to these things, getting your best FUE hair transplant results requires:

In Los Angeles, the best FUE hair transplant you can attain rests in the hands of the right surgeon.


If you are African American or have tightly cured hair, choose a surgeon who has experience transplanting similar hair textures.


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