Los Angeles Acne

Individuals in Los Angeles who want a results oriented approach for their acne should learn about the various causes of their condition and how they can be addressed by the different treatment options currently available.

For some people, acne is simply caused by having blocked pores. In other cases, imbalanced physiological issues contribute to persistent blockages and the growth of bacteria which leads to inflammation.

A dermatologist can offer help in identifying these causes and recommending treatments to address them. Examples include

1) Topical retinoids

2) Benzoyl Peroxide

3) Antibiotics

4) Hormone treatment

5) Oral retinoids

6) Laser procedures

Los Angeles patients will find it valuable to educate themselves on different acne treatments. Taking an informed approach will enable the best decisions to be made.



Acne Lesions-Definitions and Terms

Different terms are used to refer to the five types of acne lesions. Here is a list of definitions that may be helpful:

1)      Cystic lesions- deep acne lesions with pus which have resulted from inflammation

2)      Nodules- pimples that cause the sensation of soreness

3)      Pustules- typical pimple

4)      Comedones- acne lesion formed from a hair follicle that has been filled with bacteria and oil.

5)      Papules- pink, inflamed acne lesions

Inflammatory acne

Los Angeles patients may find it helpful to learn if they have inflammatory acne.  This will require a more specialized form of treatment.

The causes of inflammatory acne stem from hormonal imbalances and abnormal skin cell shedding within the inner follicular lining.  High levels of androgens will cause the sebaceous glands to become bigger and more active in producing oil. Also the pores develop frequent and harder to remove blockages due to excess shedding of skin cells.

These circumstances encourage the proliferation of bacteria and inflammatory processes which result from this.

Non-Inflammatory Acne

Non-inflammatory acne is simply caused by skin pore blockages that develop from internal or external debris.  They are not related to hormones or abnormal patterns in skin cell shedding. Therefore bacterial growth and inflammation does not occur.

Causes of Acne

Los Angeles patients should understand that there are multiple factors that contribute to acne. They include

1)      Blockages from debris. Sometimes this can develop from skin cells or excess keratin within the hair follicle. And these blocks will be embedded deeper within the pores, making them harder to remove compared to those that originated from environmental sources.

2)      Sebaceous glands that have grown in size due to high androgen concentrations in the blood stream

3)      Bacteria that inhabit the oil deposits trapped in the sebaceous glands.

The best choice for an acne treatment is one that will address these multiple causes.


Patients who want effective acne treatments may need to consider medications or procedures that can address the different causes behind their conditions.

Drug interventions are capable of accomplishing the following objectives:

  1. Balancing androgen levels in the blood stream (e.g. oral contraceptives)
  2. Destroying bacteria (e.g. benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics)
  3. Decreasing the oil production of the sebaceous glands (e.g. oral retinoids)
  4. Normalizing the rate of follicular skin cell shedding that lead to frequent blockages(e.g. topical retinoids)


Los Angeles Acne – Laser Applications

Lasers are able to unblock pores that have become obstructed at deep levels. And the energy can kill bacteria which often lead to inflammation. To reduce oil secretion, lasers can burn away the outer layer that surrounds the sebaceous glands.

Patients may want to consider these procedures which present less risk of toxicity compared to medical interventions. This is because drugs will remain in the body and travel through the circulatory system. This is how they can affect other organs and tissues. With lasers, only the targeted treatment areas will be exposed to the energy during the procedure. The wavelengths do not remain in the body like chemicals.

The Spectra system offers a comprehensive acne treatment because it is able to quickly address the different causes that result in acne.  It uses the 1064nm wavelength which is not easily absorbed by melanin. Therefore the laser is quite safe for patients of different skin tones.

Los Angeles acne- Clearing existing acne is important for successful acne scar removal results. This can be achieved with the Spectra laser

Los Angeles acne- Clearing existing acne is important for successful acne scar removal results. This can be achieved with the Spectra laser

Los Angeles Acne -Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Should I avoid certain types of foods if I have acne?

Diets with foods that are high on the glycemic index may cause acne to get worse. This is because carbohydrates can enable the body to increase its production of androgen hormones. Androgens will cause the sebaceous glands to get bigger and secrete more oil.

Aside from this, there is no research which supports pizza, chocolate or dairy as being able to cause acne.

Patients can still eliminate certain foods if they notice that they break out more due to these items. Major dietary changes should receive the input of a physician.

2) Why is it that washing my face frequently does not help my pimples go away?

Los Angeles patients should be aware of other causes that are contributing to their acne. Besides dirt and makeup, blockages can develop from the shedding of cells within the follicular lining.  Individuals with hyperkeratization will have buildups of keratin deposits that clog the pores.  These blocks can be situated in deeper recesses, making them hard to remove through hygiene and over the counter products.


3) What cosmetics are recommended for people who have acne?

If you have acne, buy products that are marked as non-comedogenic on the label. They will not clog pores.


Los Angeles Acne – Measuring Progress

The results of acne treatments should be able to be measured.  This can be accomplished through a technology called the VISIA skin analysis.

First the patient’s skin is photographed. The image is analyzed according to different parameters.  Acne is measured according to porphyrin levels. Acne scars are measured according to texture.

The patient’s conditions are compared to the data of other individuals who are in the same age range and have the same skin type. This is how percentile scores are generated.

These assessments can be taken before and after a particular procedure. This way it will be possible to view the improvements objectively. Improvements are indicated through higher percentiles.

Los Angeles acne patients may want to learn more about reliable treatment options through complimentary consultations at Fine Touch Dermatology. Individuals from all over Southern California visit our office because of our commitment to excellence and results.