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How A Dermal Filler Created A Straighter Nose Without Surgery – Before and After Photos

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Not everyone is born with a nose that they are completely happy with. And now, individuals have the option of making changes and adjustments with the help of cosmetic procedures. For many years, surgical rhinoplasty has been the only option for patients. But now, it is possible to choose a relatively quick, easy and cost-effective treatment with a dermal filler called Radiesse. The patient shown in the photos below opted for this route. She did not like the bump on the bridge of her nose, preferring a straighter looking contour. Yet this patient did not feel prepared to undergo surgery. […]

Amazing Repair of Split Earlobes – Los Angeles Patient’s Results

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Earlobes can develop a split over time from wearing heavy jewelry over time. The weight pulls down at the piercing, creating a large tear. Based on research studies, it is also quite possible for the  nickel  content in metal posts to irritate the skin worsen the damage. Here is an example of a real life patient who experienced the formation of a split in her left earlobe. Although this occurrence may seem rather drastic and devastating, the good news is that damaged earlobes can be repaired through surgery. An Overview of Torn Earlobe Repair Fixing a torn earlobe can be […]

Remarkable Repair of Torn Earlobes – Before and After Video

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Many women enjoy wearing earrings on a regular basis. However, with heavier pieces, there is the chance of developing a split in one or both of the earlobes. The patient in this video is an example. A tear formed in her left earlobe. However, she underwent surgical repair performed by Dr. U. As a result, she was able to have a normal looking appearance restored. The Basic Process  of Split Earlobe Repair Surgery Torn earlobes actually occur more often than most people realize. Therefore, procedures for repairing them have become quite common and  consist of the following set of steps. […]

How to Get a Perfect Nose Quickly

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People often gawk over babies as being angelic, flawless humans with a perfect little nose. It is true. Babies are born with perfect skin and features. Their bones are not developed to have any sort of unwanted bump that affects one’s appearance. It is not until later in life when one begins to notice the inevitable flaws that will appear, in result either from genetics, or an accident of some sort that has left a bump on their body, or even face. As the face begins to develop and form into its permanent disposition during the teenage years one may […]

Fraxel Dual Helps Actress Achieve Picture Perfect Skin – Before and After

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The young woman in these photos is an actress who underwent skin treatment with Fraxel Dual mainly to get rid of brown spots and achieve a bright, clear complexion. While make up is a tool of the trade for on screen entertainment professionals, having minimal blemishes to start with is important for flawless natural look on camera. According to Los Angeles dermatologist, Dr. Umar, the Fraxel Dual laser is an ideal tool for helping to optimize the skin from the inside out, prior to the application of makeup. Why Fraxel Dual Is So Effective As A Skin Treatment It is […]

Asclera Helps Patient Get Rid of Leg Veins Once and For All – Before and After

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Asclera injections for sclerotherapy, offer a minimally invasive way to clear unwanted leg veins. The patient in these photos found a new sense of freedom from her treatment performed by Los Angeles board certified dermatologist, Dr. Sanusi Umar. Leg veins are noticeable and unsightly. And many people feel the need to constantly wear long pants, leggings or hosiery to keep them concealed. Getting rid of leg veins offers more fashion choices in terms of both clothing and shoes. And during the warm summer months, this can be an enormous relief. What Is Asclera Asclera is the name brand for a […]

Acne Treatment Options for Severe Acne, Nodulocystic Acne and Scars

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ACNE TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR SEVERE ACNE AND ACNE SCARRING In most cases, patients with severe acne and nodulocystic acne are more concerned about severe acne scaring than the ongoing acne they experience. For severe acne and severe acne scarring, a significant portion of the face is affected and there is also a lot of pain and inflammation. Unless acne treatment is sought, it will not resolve on its own. Several modalities are available for severe acne treatment that address both the acne itself and acne scars. Acne occurs at various severity levels in patients, ranging from pimples and flare-ups to […]

Skin Clinic Advice on Summertime Skin Care, Wrinkles and Fraxel DUAL

 DERMATOLOGIST AND SKIN CLINIC ADVICE AND TREATMENTS FOR COSMETIC GOALS Beauty and a youthful appearance are paramount in society, which you may be attempting to achieve or maintain with exercise, a healthy diet and a skin care regimen that includes daily sunscreen application and wrinkle treatment. However, consulting with a board certified dermatologist and skin clinic for advice is often times necessary to achieve your certain cosmetic goals. A dermatologist and skin clinic can be especially helpful in the summertime when skin issues such as meslasma, uneven skin tone and wrinkles often become more problematic. Los Angeles has numerous dermatologists […]

Laser Skin Treatment Improves Photodamage in Asian patients

LASER SKIN TREATMENT OPTION FOR ASIAN SKIN TONES A low-energy, low-density 1,440 nanometer fractional laser is an effective laser skin treatment for treating photodamage in Asian patients, according to results of a small study. The patients had Fitzpatrick skin types III to V and had visible signs of photodamage. The patients were given four treatments with a 1,440 nanometer fractional laser at two-week intervals. Researchers from Hong Kong Dermatology and Laser Centre, Hong Kong, conducted a prospective single-arm study of 10 Chinese patients. The study was published online March 14 in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine. An important factor is […]

Nonsurgical Chin Augmentation Using Radiesse After Treatment

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Nonsurgical Chin Augmentation to Improve Profile Since the jawline and chin are so important to symmetry, the wrong size or shape could be detrimental to the face. A nonsurgical chin augmentation using Radiesse is a safe and nearly painless procedure to improve facial symmetry and counteract sagging. This patient was not entirely sure of a permanent change and opted for a nonsurgical procedure. He has a weak chin and sagging jowls. Dermal fillers promote a healthier, more youthful facial appearance. Dermal fillers counteract sagging, loss of volume and wrinkles due to aging. Aging naturally reduces the amount of hyaluronic acid […]