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Los Angeles Age Spots Removal

Individuals in Los Angeles who are looking for a good age spots removal treatment should first consider the cause behind this issue. Age spots don’t have much to do with age.  They are primarily the result of  sun damage.  Prolonged exposure to harmful UV rays will trigger the skin to secrete high concentrations of melanin. Melanin is a brown colored pigment that protects the skin much like sunscreen.  It is secreted by cells below the surface.

Topical Age Spots Removal Treatment

Hydroquinone is a topical treatment that is often prescribed to get rid of age spots. It disrupts cellular processes that produce melanin, causing it to be broken down by the body.  In many cases this process can take several weeks or even months.

Also the FDA has implemented a three month limit on the usage of hydroquinone. This is due to its toxic effects. Patients with a large number of age spots may not see the results they want within this time.

Age Spots Removal With Lasers

Lasers can safely get rid of age spots within relatively short amounts of time. They can easily reach deeper layers of the skin.  Basically they work by breaking up melanin  or the structures in the skin that contain the pigment.

Fraxel Repair

Fraxel Repair is safe as an age spots removal treatment for patients with very light colored skin (Fitzpatrick types  I-III).  The laser energy (10,600nm)  forms tiny vertical columns which reach deeper layers where the age spots are situated. These columns break up the pigment whose remains are then carried away by the body’s lymphatic system

Fraxel Dual

Fraxel Dual is also able to reach age spots pigment in deeper layers.  The laser energy (1550nm/1927nm)  is used to break up melanin so that the pigment can be removed by the body.

As an age spots removal treatment, this laser is safe for ethnic skin tones which are darker in color due to higher concentrations of melanin. In order for laser energy to effect changes, it must first be absorbed by a colored target (aka chromophore). Most lasers are easily absorbed by melanin in various area of the skin.  This can be dangerous for patients with warmer tones.  Taking in more laser energy past a certain threshold will overheat the skin and lead to scarring.

Age spots removal with Fraxel Dual is a very targeted process that focuses only on the problematic areas. The surround tissue regions are left unaffected.

Spectra laser

The Spectra laser is a Q-switched laser that uses the 1064nm wavelength to break up melanin in age spots. This wavelength is also safe for ethnic skin.

Short burst of energy are administered to shatter the pigment, much like in tattoo removal procedures. This laser system can be used for a small number of age spots.

More serious cases are best treated with Fraxel Dual.

Los Angeles Age Spots Removal On Actual Patients

This patient wanted to improve her complexion by getting rid of age spots. Fraxel Dual was used to achieve significant improvement that was measured through a VISIA skin analysis.  Here are the results.

Digital skin analysis results of Los Angeles patient who received Fraxel Dual for age spots removal

Digital skin analysis results of Los Angeles patient who received Fraxel Dual for age spots removal


Another Los Angeles patient received Fraxel Dual to get rid of a large number of age spots.

Los Angeles patient who underwent a single Fraxel Dual treatment for age spots removal

Los Angeles patient who underwent a single Fraxel Dual treatment for age spots removal

This Los Angeles patient had a combination treatment that used the Spectra laser and Fraxel Dual for age spots removal and a general improvement in her skin’s texture.


 Los Angeles Age Spots Removal-Preliminary Consultation

If you are interested in Los Angeles age spots removal,  Fine Touch Dermatology offers no charge consultations to discuss the best approach  for your specific needs.
























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