Acne Treatment Results

The quest for acne treatment results starts with understanding the factors contributing to your particular acne condition.  From this perspective, it becomes easier to make decisions on treatment types based on how well they address these causes.

Chronic acne is a condition that is not just a matter of blocked skin pores. Hormonal changes (particularly androgens) cause the sebaceous glands to become larger and more active, secreting high volumes of oil. This activity can hasten the sloughing of skin cells within the follicles which block the pores.  The oil also serves as a prime environment for the build up of bacteria which promotes inflammation.

If you are seeking real results from your acne treatment, it is important to choose the option that addresses multiple levels of your condition. Many products on the market simply work topically as they attempt to clear out blockages lodged in the pores of the skin.

How the Spectra Laser Delivers Results As An Acne Treatment

Cosmetic lasers are able to correct many types of issues in dermatology. They utilize highly concentrated forms of light energy that work below the surface of the skin to create precise and granular changes.

The Spectra laser offers an effective form of treatment for acne patients. It is able to deliver results by addressing many different factors responsible for causing acne. The laser works to unblock pores at deeper levels. Energy from the laser is also capable of killing bacteria that thrives below the point where most topical cleansers are unable to reach. Additionally, the Spectra laser inhibits the activity of sebaceous glands so that less oil is secreted.

Results of the Spectra Laser for the Treatment of Acne- Patient Before and After Case Study

This Los Angeles patient wanted a real solution for clearing her acne. The onset of her condition started during college and advanced to a severe state.  She underwent two Spectra laser treatments to get rid of her existing acne.  Here are before and after images of the process.

As an acne treatment the Spectra laser was able to deliver substantial results for this Los Angeles patient.

As an acne treatment the Spectra laser was able to deliver substantial results for this Los Angeles patient.

One month after her Spectra treatments, Fraxel Dual was used to help get rid of the acne scars that remained. Fraxel Dual helps the skin create new collagen fibers which fade the appearance of acne scar tissue.

The Fraxel laser was able to enhance the results of the Spectra system by furthering the improvement in the patient’s skin.

acne treatment results

Before and after photos of Fraxel Dual, which was used to help clear patient’s acne scars












Choosing A Board Certified Dermatologist For Acne Treatment Results

The Spectra and Fraxel laser systems are capable of offering significant improvements in both the acne condition and resulting acne scars.  However, both these lasers are simply tools. The skills and experience of the dermatologist are essential for achieving successful results. Choosing a board certified dermatologist with demonstrated ability to improve acne in patients is an essential part of seeing real change take place.

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